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Talks and Workshops

Workshops for 2016:

(These are running in the Cape Town area but contact me if you want another venue or for info, details and dates:


Tuesday Self-Development Evenings – Every second Tuesday – to support personal growth and help you connect with, and be guided by, your true self in life and in relationships.

This group is for those who have done some self-processing work before and those who want to learn to. We use tools like journalling, meditation, energy work, group work, individual work and intimacy exercises to stir up all those reactions we have to other people that take us out of alignment with our truth. The intention is to practice listening to ourselves while in relationship. It’s a safe space to practice consciously being yourself amongst people. Expect to learn a lot about yourself and find more peace with yourself and others.

Contact me to join


Parenting As A Spiritual Practice  – A seven part exploration of connecting to yourself in the deepest most authentic way through the times your children and parenting challenge you.


Reiki Courses

Reiki is a form of energy healing so easy to learn and use that even children love playing with it; yet it’s so powerful it can also help someone clear severe imbalances in their physical, emotional and spiritual well-being. “I love Reiki. It’s a wonderful part of my and my children’s daily life. It’s like having; a first aid kit in my hands, an effective tranquiliser for tough emotional moments and a quick connection cable to my intuition & spirituality.”

Masters / Teachers level –  From February, continues throughout the year. Very limited places. Contact me for information.

Level one – 14 and 15 May 2016. Anyone can learn to do Reiki and the benefits are endless.

Level two – September. Whether you did your Reiki 1 recently or 20 years ago, you can explore lots more ways to use your healing hands, mind and heart. Come and play! In Reiki 2 we learn:

  • To speed up physical healing
  • To energetically clear spaces
  • To energetically protect things we care for
  • To clear emotional blocks
  • To understand and release psychosomatic illness
  • To bring love and peace into ourselves and others
  • To send Reiki healing long distance – even to another country
  • To resolve wounds from the past
  • To energetically support events in the future
  • To increase our intuitive and extra-sensory abilities
  • And more…

Children’s Reiki Course  – 22 March and 21 September 2016. A morning workshop for children who want to use their loving hands and hearts to heal themselves, their friends, plants, pets, food…


Continuing Professional Development Workshops – For health-care professionals, facilitating self-awareness and more effective ways of dealing with difficult feelings patients can elicit, thereby enhancing effectiveness of treatment.

– Feelings Patients Raise In Us And What To Do With Them

– Who Is Healing Whom? Using patient presentation as our own therapy

Contact me for more information about any of the above.

If you want to organise a small group I can also run a workshop for you at your own venue. Contact me at



I give talks and presentations to both large and small gatherings. Every life difficulty can be a way to come back to your true self and find purpose, peace, self-love and healing.


  • Parenting
  • Your Business
  • Your Body – Health and Illness
  • Life changes
  • – challenge me with other topics 🙂

If you have a group or event that would like to work with me please contact me at

“The talks about using parenting for personal-development can be beneficial to anyone who is a parent, or has parents, or is a friend of parents, or works with parents or children in any way – teachers, grandparents, nannies, child care workers, psychologists, speech and hearing therapists, occupational therapists etc. It’s also often a useful topic for those who have struggled with their own parents as it explains more about why people react to their children the way they do.”