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My name is Eilat Aviram. I’m a clinical psychologist, hypnotherapist, Reiki and energy work teacher, writer, illustrator, Seeker of Truth and married mother of two boys under nine years old.

(I’m usually asked how to pronounce my name, so you say it: Ay-lutt with the emphasis on the ‘lat’, like in the name Jo-Anne. I’m sure it’s a coincidence that my name rhymes with “say nut”.)

I want to remember who I am – and then live it. And I believe parenting can help me do that.

I’m NOT into telling others how to parent and I don’t buy into the usual ‘put-yourself-aside-and-put-the-children-first’ thing. I actually think being a parent is AMAZING for my individual growth.

I want to grow into the best person I can be by living consciously and mindfully. My children challenge the heck out of me daily and make me see myself in all my un-glory. As they reflect both my great worth and my deficiencies to me each day I get to see myself more clearly – whether I like it or not. And I find that helps me a lot because I don’t want any more heck in me. As far as I’m concerned they can go ahead and challenge it right out!

When I use parenting in this way I don’t feel as much pressure to be ‘perfect’ or like anyone else. I can just be me and get it wrong sometimes and right other times and learn from when I get it wrong. Either way teaches me something and like everyone else on this planet, I have a lot to learn.

If I look at parenting as an opportunity to grow and heal myself, I can more easily accept myself and when I can accept myself I’m a much nicer mommy to be around. It also allows me to more readily accept and face any challenges my children bring me – because I can see that they’re driving me nuts for my own good. Yes, I did actually say that. In those crazy times I’m learning patience or generosity or how to love myself through shame-filled moments.

Parenting is like a looooong course in all the life-skills vital for inner peace and contentment. We pay good money for that sort of thing normally but you’ve got it going on for free right now! Well, ok maybe not for free but you were already paying for the clothes, food, schooling, activities… you may as well get more bang for your buck right?

So there, that’s me.


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